04. April 2016

All has been quiet on the drawing-by-numbers front for quite some time, but now as the spring sunshine comes out so too does the pen and pencil! You can now find a shiny new batch of classic prints available for purchase on the webshop, bigger and better than ever in A2 and A3 sizes.

And watch this space for some nice new print designs...

We are online!#

13. September 2014

So everything has been very quiet these last months over here, for which I apologise. I have been taking some time to concentrate on other projects including travelling, drawing and dancing all around the world, alongside other serious endeavours in the architecture, now landscape architecture world.

But I am pleased to announce that our good friends at Finders Keepers have recently launched their online shop and I am very happy to be a continued part of their growing projects! You can see what they are up to and find some of my drawings at


05. December 2013

OH YES IT IS!! We will be gracing the lovely Aarhus Arkitektskole once again this year - in fact, this week! We look forward to seeing the fantastic people of Aarhus this Saturday and Sunday, with a mixture of our new and original prints wrapped up with a whole load of festive cheer. It looks to be another beautiful weekend!

Finders Keepers Aarhus#

01. October 2013

Following a fantastic weekend with Finders Keepers in Copenhagen last month we will be joining them once again this weekend, and gracing our old roots of Aarhus!

To celebrate we have a brand new print in a soft autumnal orange and named after our very favourite Danish word - Flyvemaskine! It tells a story of learning how to fly, as Aarhus taught us. Join us this weekend and grab one!!

Finders Keepers CPH!#

04. September 2013

Come and visit us this weekend at Finders Keepers delightful market in Copenhagen! We will have a selection of our limited edition prints to brighten up your already quite sunny weekend!

Berlingske Livsstil#

31. July 2013

A thank you to a lovely fellow illustrator Louise Haugaard Nielsen aka A Mile in the Woods who mentioned us in her interview in last weekend's Berlingske. You can just glimpse one of our prints settling in happily by the window in her lovely home.

Read A Mile in the Woods Article

Online shop#

02. July 2013

We now have an online shop where you can purchase a select number of our current prints and we will post them direct to your door. How very perfect! Follow the Shop link on the menu or visit us at

Tall Ships Race, Aarhus#

15. June 2013

We are excited to say we will have a stand at the Tall Ships Race Design Market in Aarhus on the 4th-7th July. We will be unveiling some brand new designs and drawings for your visual delight, catch them while you can!!

Decorate with us!#

27. February 2013

You can now purchase a selection of our current prints in Decorate shop, Aarhus. Some are the last in the series so hurry to get your paws on them while you still can!

White Wall Gallery#

21. February 2013

We are happy to announce that we will be selling a range of our prints and cards at the EDITION White Wall Gallery market in Aarhus on Friday March 22nd and Saturday 23rd! We will be selling some new and old works, joining a host of lovely Danish artists and creative people, it looks to be a spectacular event!


02. February 2013

Why hello there brand new website, we are most pleased to meet you

How very new and shiny you are indeed

We think that our artworks will be very happy here

And we promise to be in touch often, for I am sure we will make great friends.

All the best to you and your lovely new readers.

Drawn by Numbers