Drawn by Numbers are the drawing explorations of Kirsty Badenoch. Originally hailing from the rolling green hills of the English countryside, she moved to the beautiful flat planes of Denmark where she has been living for a number of years. She is currently trying out the mountainous lands of Norway for size. But wherever she goes and however high up she is, she loves to draw, and finds the combination of English and Scandinavian influences inspirational.

Educated as an architect at the Aarhus School of Architecture, Kirsty experiments with the delicacy of hand drawing and collage, reimagining conventional architectural drawing and representation with a narrative drive. Every drawing has a personal story, and invites interpretation and imagination.

There are currently a number of limited edition prints available for purchase at the online shop, through her good friends at finderskeepers.dk, or you can often hunt her down at design markets across Denmark.